What is your experience with meditating?

While we have all heard about the amazing benefits of Meditating…many of us still find it challenging. To many, it feels like a ‘job.’ Saying to ourselves…How do I carve out the time, find a quiet space and then literally sit still?

Let’s take a simple approach ~ starting with just ONE BREATH AT A TIME??? When you come to a Stop Sign or Traffic Light…take a BREATH. Inhale and exhale FULLY through your nose. Inhale for 4 Counts~Exhale for 6 (the longer exhalation will bring more air volume IN on the next inhalation).

Ta-da! That is a mini-meditation!

Expand that to a breath between every sip of your favorite beverage.Maybe 10 Breaths when you get into bed; or wake in the morning. Simplify!

Introducing One-on-One STRETCHING sessions!

Have you noticed that there are Stretching Studios popping up locally??? Meghan Purdy Martin, our in-house massage therapist now offers 30 minute sessions. Fully clothed on a large floor mat. $50 single session ~ $450/10 session package GAME CHANGER! Especially following your Pilates session. Back to back self care!
Text Meghan directly: 610-506-9684

Perfect your Plank this month!

MAYBE planks have been a part of your regular routine and you have reaped the multitude of benefits they provide? Planks DO incorporate every inch of us! Set a goal to increase your ‘hold’ by 5-10 seconds a day working up to 3 minutes!!! AMAZE yourself!!! Oh…and don’t forget those Side Planks!

Cheer & Hope Blends

As we move forward from this last year of anxiety and stress…Let’s get our HOPE and CHEER on with an assist from doTerra blends bearing those names! Boost your spirits with some fabulous therapeutic scents!