Carol Beringer

Owner/Instructor, Pilates and More

Carol Beringer became enchanted with Pilates 15 years before the opportunity presented to study the method! After her first session in 1996, Carol knew this was how she wanted her body to feel. Within months she began training in earnest by joining an instructor certification program…culminating in what is now an award winning Studio. Carol has worked with professional athletes covering ice hockey, basketball, golf, karate, dancers, musicians, singers – and everything in between through professed couch potatoes. Carol delights in the fact that she learns some new dimension to Pilates every week and has continued her own education by completing 2 additional teacher training programs and has furthered her expertise in 2013 by becoming a certified Movement Specialist and in 2014 by completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training including Breathing Techniques and Meditation… Over 2015/16 Carol has completed Yamana Body Rolling courses including Face, Feet and everything in between…making her one of the most diverse instructors in the field. Carol is an avid hiker and cyclist…childhood spent studying ballet…has played tennis competitively and swings a solid golf club.  She will or has tried just about every outdoor activity! Her most repeated proclamation is “People simply do not know how good they can feel!” – her youthfulness, energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Polly Matherson



August 2nd, 1935 – May 25th, 2015

Polly’s heart beat with the beauty of a butterfly and the strength of an eagle. She touched our minds, bodies and souls – and will never be forgotten.

Polly Matherson was certified at the Pilates Studio in NYC with Romana Kryzanowka, Polly began studying Pilates in 1990. She did her apprentice work and 600 hours of training in NY and in Philadelphia. Polly has studied Chi Gong, yoga and dance and is dedicated to the true traditional, classical style of Pilates .Many of the area’s best Pilates instructors owe a great debt to Polly for sharing her vast knowledge and experience.

Meghan Purdy, Instructor & Massage Therapist

Meghan Purdy Martin

Instructor & Massage Therapist

Meghan has always been interested in bodies and how they work! She fell in love with Pilates after her first class. Meghan studied and worked hard to become certified in Pilates in 2005…as well as a personal trainer. After a few years, she decided she could further help her clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals by becoming a massage therapist. Meghan has been living her dream since 2008 as both a Pilates instructor and massage therapist.

Meghan earned her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics with a Fitness focus from the University of Delaware. She stays active doing Pilates, yoga, Crossfit(ish) workouts, jiu jitsu, rock climbing, running and cycling. In addition, Meghan has completed one full marathon and two Olympic distance triathlons. She is no stranger to the aches, pains, highs, lows, injuries and joys that come with leading an active lifestyle. Living the dream has continued with her marriage to Patrick Martin in 2014 – and the birth of Lily Meadows Martin on September 6, 2016!

Meghan will work with you to keep your body in optimal working order!

Michelle (Mike) Craven


While a teenager Michelle sustained spinal fractures in a riding accident. As she aged, the scar tissue was turning into arthritis and other problems. She started doing Pilates – felt the benefits and loved it from the start. Michelle became a fully certified instructor in 2008.

Literally a walking advertisement, because without Pilates she would be in chronic pain; unable to have an active life.

Kim Sylvester


Kim began her affiliation with Pilates and More over 8 years ago when she first moved to the area from Manhattan. Kim’s dance background fueled her interest in Pilates and she began to train as a teacher at that time. Kim’s training was interrupted when she became pregnant with her first son, Sam, born in 2008 … followed by Will, born in 2011. Kim never lost her desire to complete her teacher training and kept up with her Pilates practice through the years. She dedicated 2014 to rejuvenating her teacher training and completing all requirements. Kim has become an accomplished teacher and is expanding her schedule at the Studio. Pilates and More is proud add Kim to the teaching staff and encourage you to seek her gentle, patient…yet challenging, guidance.

Liz Seaden


Liz Seaden attended Conestoga High School and graduated from Temple University. Liz married soon after and moved to the UK for the next 21 years. Liz’s passion for yoga began in a pre-natal class there in 1998. She immediately enjoyed the calming benefits as well as the physical sense of well-being. She practiced various styles of yoga over the next decade ~ often falling out of her practice when life became too busy. Liz soon realized that when life is too busy and stressful … it was exactly when it is needed most. Liz also began studying Mindfulness as an extension of her yoga practice. Liz completed her RYT200 in 2013 as well as becoming a ChildLight Yoga teacher. As a former elementary school teacher, Liz is committed to bring yoga and mindfulness to children and teenagers ~ and is proud that she is part of a program that brings both to Philadelphia schools called Mindfulness through Movement. Yoga is a vital part of her physical and mental well- being. Liz loves being able to share that with others. Most recently Liz has studied Restorative Yoga and is excited to have the opportunity to bring it ~ and her vast array of skills to Pilates and More.

Teresa Groshans


Teresa Groshans received her 700 hour Classical Pilates Certification at Urban Body Studios in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014, with teacher Patricia Russel, under the direction of teachers Brooke Siler and Dana Santi and the Authentic Pilates Union.  She is currently studying the work of first generation teacher Kathy Grant via the Kathy Grant Heritage Training, a comprehensive post-graduate education program taught through the lens and experience of Kathy’s long-time student, Cara Reeser.

Prior to her training in Pilates, Teresa was most recently the founder and Director of Schoolyard Sprouts, a foundation providing hands on garden learning and edible education to elementary school children.  She has also worked in the corporate and art and antique worlds.  She currently lives in Wayne with her son and daughter.

Teresa is also qualified as a TRX instructor for both individual, as well as group training sessions.  Her enthusiasm for fitness has encompassed running, swimming, tennis, weight lifting, yoga and competitive sprint triathlons.  As an instructor, Teresa enjoys challenging clients, helping them achieve their fitness goals through the practice of Pilates and TRX.

Angelina Miller

Front Desk/Digital Communications

Angelina has been a physically active ball-of-energy for as long as she can remember! Growing up, she took part in almost every type of dance – from ballet, to tap, jazz, and even hip-hop. She also played an array of different sports including soccer, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, track-and-field, and lacrosse. However, Angelina’s true interest in health, wellness and how the body works did not excel until her early years of high school.

Now, as a digital communications and social media major at Cabrini University in Radnor, Pennsylvania, she combines her passion for health and fitness with her media skills. In the studio, you can find Angelina working on our newsletter, social media graphics, bulletin board fixings, and all else in between. At Cabrini, Angelina enjoys being an Undergraduate Admission’s Office Ambassador, Editor-in-Chief of The Loquitur, Multimedia Classroom Coach, Alumni Association Photographer, and an intern with Comcast Newsmakers.

Bianca Santos

Front Desk/Digital Communications

While in high school Bianca made her first initiative to become more physically fit. Some months passed and although she kept up with her regular workouts and cardio sessions, the connection she felt with her body began to whither. Out of curiosity, she did some research on other fitness methods and discovered the wonderful world of Pilates. Five years later, Bianca is now currently studying Biology at Cabrini University ~ witnessing the miraculous changes in people’s lives and bodies that Pilates produces … which is definitely motivates her. Pilates combines her dual passions of fitness in harmony  with the human body. Bianca’s love of Pilates continues to grow as she discovers the depth that Pilates offers, especially with the use of the equipment. You’ll find her at the front desk eager to say ‘Hello!’

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