As the old adage goes: March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb! Truer words could not reflect the throes of Winter that we have experienced in March 2021!

March Madness reflects the NCAA Basketball Tournament excitement ~ especially since the Villanova Wildcats are in our neighborhood. Lebron James claims Pilates keeps his body fresh! Pilates aims to attain and maintain a uniformly developed body. The best foundation for ALL movement!!!

The Phillies also begin their season with the Home Opener on April 1st! Whoo-hoo! Several top players are Pilates enthusiasts and often mention the benefits during interviews. The Adonis Reformer above resides in the Phillies training center at Citizens Bank Park.

EXCITING NEWS!!! ~ at the Studio!!!

The ADONIS Reformer (+ Tower), featured in the photo above, will be coming to Pilates and More in the coming months. This custom-made piece is 96 inches long…and will accommodate our taller clients and offer rehabilitation modifications for many of our existing clients. Those clients deprived of JUMPBOARD due to height ~ will now experience jumping for JOY without the impact of gravity! We are very excited to have this work of art come to us from The Pilates Doctor in Boulder, Colorado.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE! Pilates and More is reputed on the Main Line as the BEST maintained and pristine environment that you will experience in a fitness facility. That is because we take extraordinary care of the equipment and space!

When the ADONIS arrives…we will also be having our annual Equipment Maintenance visit by The Pilates Doctor.


STUDIO OWNERS ~ and CLIENTS with equipment at home… If you are interested in getting on the list for maintenance for your equipment … email: and get on their schedule. Contact me with any questions you may have in advance of scheduling:

As we gain energy with Daylight Savings Time and renewed vervor for outdoor activities. Welcoming Spring on March 20th! Know that you are in fellowship with amazing professional athletes and could probably show them how it will enhance their lifelong wellness!

Carry on!

March Move of the Month:

Morning Stretches

Make a commitment to do these each morning for one month. It will change your life!
Click the video to give it a go from the comfort of your own home.


Created by Chris Conway, owner of Solutions 4 Health, in the Gateway Shopping Center.

What it does…
1. Vitamin D helps activate immune cells like white blood cells while elderberry helps coordinate those immune cells, keeping our immune systems in sync.
2. egcg helps promote gut health by exerting prebiotic-like effects, enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria & inhibiting the growth of pathogens.
3. tero and turmacin each play a vital role in fostering a healthy inflammatory response by combating oxidative stress and reducing inflammatory markers like tnf-alpha and il-6.

Carol and many clients consume a bottle each day! Hydration and super immunity at the same time!

Happy Being Beverage

Featured Oil: Ginger

Perfect for pre or post spring break travels and indulgences! Diffuse, place a drop in the palm of your hand, or apply over lower abdomen for reduction of bloating, gas, nausea or indigestion. It could even be added to your favorite savory dishes too!